Women Over 50 Redefine Beauty

The slow subtle changes to woman's face as she ages happen so gradually that one day she wakes up to find herself frustrated and unhappy with how she looks.  She feels “old” or like she “looks old.”

Unfortunately, most cosmetic companies do not formulate make-up for mature skin.  So the same make-up we used and loved for years, is no longer giving us what we need, and because we're not as comfortable with our appearance as we once were, we blame it on age.  Let's explore this problem further.

The slow, subtle changes that occur to a woman’s face as she ages happen so gradually that one day they wake up to find themselves frustrated or unhappy with their look.   Women will complain, they look “old” or feel “old”.  Many start to give up on their looks all together.     This is unfortunate because there is actually a good explanation why women end up feeling this way.   When it comes to make-up application, cosmetic companies simply do not formulate make-up for mature skin.  So the same make-up we used and loved for years, is no longer giving us what we need, and because we’re not as comfortable with our look as we once were, we blame it on age.
It is important to know that cosmetic companies in their competitive quest to attain their chunk of the beauty industries booming multibillion dollar business are constantly churning out new products.  These remedies, colors, glosses, paints and stains as well as everything else meant to cover, coat, smother, slather, slick, dip and spread are deeply saturated with color, often too trendy.  Worst of all, they are laden with those annoying little shiny particles that set aglow each wrinkle and line, so even the creases you may not even be aware of yet, will all be sparkling.  With age there is beauty.  Not merely surface good looks but depth.  The perfected woman does not require strong or vibrant colors.  She has lived more, cried more, laughed more, and endured more.  She is colorful enough.  The tears she has shed in sorrow and struggle and the wisdom she has gathered up along the way, naturally show in her brow.  She needs no harsh eye make-up.    She has found her own identity, forged her character, contributed to society and built up strength.  She beams with her own radiance.  No cause for any artificial razzle-dazzle. That is reserved for girls playing dress up.  This woman is full of gratitude, just for being alive.  How can anything ever be more beautiful than that?
Aging is a natural process, not a disease.  Here is what you can do. 
It is important to modify your skincare and make-up routine as your skin begins to mature.  Applying these slight modifications should be simple.  Don't get caught up in any complicated regimens.  Less is more. 
Remember these simple guidelines,
Avoid vibrant and contrasting colors; they are aging and tend to exaggerate even the slightest imperfections.
Instead choose soft, natural, sheer colors.  This does not require that you abandon color all together, a common mistake often made by older woman often leaves them looking and feeling washed out.  Whatever color you chose, just be sure it is the sheerest form of that color.   Think of watercolors.  Unlike oil paints they allow light to show through.  This will always give the illusion of a more youthful appearance. 
 Remember to look out for sparkles and glitters that will intensify fine lines and wrinkles.  With proper skincare and by following simple techniques you will look radiant.  The key here is to achieve a natural glow, one of subtle beauty.  Never harsh or artificial. 
The Eyes still have it!
Refined, in the know, yet still inquisitive.
Well-groomed brows are the difference between looking okay and looking fabulous.
At a time in our life w here we just don’t heap on as much makeup as we might have when we were younger; we rely on what is natural.  A well-shaped brow can lift and open your eyes, making you look younger, more sophisticated and more rested.
First, clean up your brows and give them some definition.  Consider treating yourself to a professional eyebrow treatment.  Some of the very best salons offer this for less than $15.00.  If you are diligent you can keep up the shape at home.  It is a good idea to have a professional shape your brows at least once or twice a year.  Some women do not need to wax or tweeze their eyebrows.  They are lucky.  Everyone should use an eyebrow brush though.  If you have never tried this, you will love the results.
Eye shadow:
When applying eye shadow all you need is enough to make the eyes look bright eyed and awake.  This is actually achieved with minimal effort.  The heavily made up eyes of youth actually looked anything but awake.  Those dark smoky eyes were supposed to give a glazed, sleepy heavy-lidded look.
Sweep a bone colored shadow (cream shadows are great too) all over.  You can dust a bit of your blusher on your upper lid; this usually wakes the eye up.  As far as eye pencil, any soft colors on the upper lid only, looks great, a single coat of mascara and you’re done.  As people age, it is the eyes that begin to really stand out.  So if you find your self with less eyelashes, more lines, and less eyebrows just remember the less we have around our eyes, the more our eyes actually stand out.  
Lightly Blushed Cheeks: Blushing Cheeks:
A look that is slightly sun-kissed, never garish or gaunt.
Do not apply blush in the traditional way---meant to accentuate the cheekbone.  As we age the skin on our face may become thinner. Our faces may thin out too.   Applying blush the way we were taught when we were younger, on the bone, or right beneath it “to bring it out” the high cheekbone look, can be unflattering on a more mature woman.  
Do use blush of course, but at this stage in your life only worry about applying it to the apples of your cheeks and blend well. A full soft blusher brush works best.   Choose see-through shades in natural tones.  A sheer brownish pink, raisin, or a clear, wine shade are good choices, keep it light and make sure there is some rose or pink to it---the natural color of blush.
Trick of the Trade:  Look in the mirror, smile big and apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks.  Be sure not to get any blusher to close to your nose or mouth.  Apples only!!
Supple, full, round lips that are eye catching and gorgeous.
Lips need special care to keep them soft.  It is so simple to keep your lips soft and smooth and supple, soft lips always give your face a youthful appearance.  Exfoliate your lips occasionally using a terry cloth washcloth.  This removes dead skin cell.  Be gentle, do not over do it.
Trick of the Trade:  Use a super soft (child’s) toothbrush for this.  Keep it in your toothbrush holder with your regular toothbrush, so in the morning after you brush my teeth, you can give your lips a brush too.
Helpful hint #1 The best way to maintain softness is to always wear sun protection on your lips.  Never leave the house without sunscreen.  
Helpful Hint #2 Good old-fashioned ChapStick (with sunscreen) is another great trick of the trade.  It not only offers great protection, the waxy formulation actually helps lipstick and lip-gloss adhere better, keeping it on and in place, this will also help significantly to minimize feathering.  
Go ahead and splurge! Remember you are never too old for lip-gloss.  This step requires little, if any thinking.  (It is only lipstick—if you don’t like it--- wipe it off)  You can use a lip pencil, but only if you are comfortable applying it.  I like how it gives the lips a little more “body”.  Choose colors that are classic and stylish.    Always match your pencil to your lipstick or just use a neutral shade with everything.  Most important, be sure to have several colors and styles to suit your mood.  Just because a woman is now over fifty does not mean she has to only wear one shade of lipstick everyday.  
A Concealing Foundation 
To create a youthful clean, clear look that is finished and polished.                            
The only rules are a good color match, a minimal application and to avoid  “matte” products, because they are formulated to suck moisture out of the skin.  So, they leave you with a look that is unnatural and pasty.  Matte foundations feel uncomfortable too.
Do use foundation but do not fret about it.  Women over 50 do not need a lot of foundation, so this is such a simple step.  Whatever you are currently using, check it out.  If it is too thick simply mix a little together in the palm of your hand along with your moisturizer.  Then apply. If you already have a real creamy make-up you can try this trick with water too.
Helpful Hint #3:  Never put water or moisturizer into your foundation bottle.  This should be mixed in the palm of you hand per application.
Helpful Hint #4:  Adding water or moisture can also adjust foundation color from dark to light.
Helpful Hint #5:  This technique works great with “stick” or “pancake” foundations too.
Invest in a good concealer.  The best ones are those formulated for under the eye.  They glide apply smoothly and provide excellent coverage.  Sometimes the more we try to hide something the more we draw attention to it.  Only apply where needed and blend out.  Remember less is more.
Last Minute Reminders: 
To eliminate all the sparkle out of our make-up would seem flat and boring, especially for evenings out and during holiday season.  Social occasions are where the mature woman has the opportunity to show off her sophisticated, sexy side, so why not make the most of it?   The last thing you want to do is to glitter up your whole face, but there are some secret places you can add a little glamour and look as youthful as ever.
Add a little spark to the base of your neck, a wonderful place for some surprise sparkle, very nice for the woman with short hair.   The tops of the shoulders also look quite nice with a delicate dust of shimmer, a great place too for a little caress of bronze, perfect for a summer glow.  Right beneath the eyebrow, is a perfect spot to slip on the palest pink shadow, one with just a subtle gleam to it.  Place high on the brow bone only, always keeping the rest of the eyelid gleam free.  This is a perfect choice for evening, looks ravishing with a simple black dress.  Palest pink will compliment every skin tone.  Keep the rest of the eyelid sparkle free, of course.   This is uncomplicated beauty at its best.
Take Ten Years Off, Really!
Get The Right New Haircut.
Hair that is out of style can be aging on any woman.  Try and update your hair cut every couple of years at least.  Keeping a style your comfortable with is fine, just make sure it is an updated version of that style.
Stay Hydrated.  Drink plenty of water. Always use a good moisturizer. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Fight Environmental Effects.  Exposure to the sun is what breaks down the collagen and elastin, the building blocks of our skin.  This causes sagging, wrinkles and brown spots.  Always where sunscreen.  Pollution is also a troublemaker.  It can clog pores and increase bacteria growth on the face, causing breakouts and skin reactions.  This can actually inhibit the way the skin heals and repairs itself.  Don’t smoke.
Remove Your Makeup Before Bed.  Sleeping with make-up on can cause premature wrinkles and creases to form in the skin.  It also can cause a waxy  build-up, leaving you looking dull instead of radiant.  
Get Plenty Of Rest.  When we look tired, we look old. 
Brighten And Whiten Your Teeth.  No excuses, this can be done simply at home.  Visit your dentist for a professional teeth cleaning every six months.  Your mouth will feel good.
Stay Active.   Physically and mentally.
Smile More.  This alone will take ten years off your look, where frowning makes you appear older a simple smile softens any face.
Laugh Often.  Smiling is good.  Laughing is better.  It has internal benefits as well.