Create Your Own Spa

Create Your Own Spa Moment
Work, shopping, school, kids, family outings, and lets not forget life.  Never seems like you have time for you?  Can’t even imagine you could sneak away for a spa treatment?  
The trick is to think of time for yourself in terms of increments.  Don’t try to figure out how to find hours, start with 30 minutes, or event just 10 minutes.  Believe it or not they will make a difference in your peace of mind and give you a chance to decompress.  Which in turn will help you reduce your stress and hopefully feel better. 
What better way than to create your own spa in the comfort of your home. You can choose from many great over the counter products or even make your own. 
Start your spa by putting yourself in the right frame of mind with a simple yoga pose.  Stand with your feet together, relax and clear your mind.  Concentrate on tranquility while you take a deep breath, raising your arms over your head.  Keep your arms next to your ears while you exhale and fold your body forward from the hips.  Let your arms and head hang, slowly take five deep breaths.  Inhale as you stand up. 
Or you can simply draw a bath and place the peels of nine oranges in the water.   Slide in, sit back and relax.  The orange peel and its natural scent will soothe and revitalize you.  If you are in the mood to cycle down, light a couple of candles and a stick of incense.  Combine one cup each fresh torn basil and sage leaves, one cup crushed fresh rosemary and five drops sandalwood essential oil into a piece of muslin and drop it into a hot bath. Wait a minute or two then step in and enjoy.
If you enjoy a shower, mix 3 cups sparkling water and 4 drops of jasmine oil in a bowl then set it inside the shower.  Enjoy your shower as you normally would then, using a sea sponge, sponge the mixture over your body starting at your neck and working your way down to your feet.  Rinse with cold water and gently pat yourself dry.
For your face try a citrus steam.  Wash your face while you bring 2 quarts of water to a boil.  When the water comes to a boil squeeze a whole lemon into the water.  With the pot of water on a table, sit comfortably and hold your head over the pot with a towel draped over it and the pot for at least 10 minutes.  Rinse your face with warm then cold water.  
You can also exfoliate your face with a mixture of a spoonful of sugar and honey.  Begin at your neck, working in circles gently work up your face avoiding your eyes.  Rinse thoroughly in warm water.  Try a vitamin C mask to moisturize your face.  Spread a thin layer of vitamin C over your face, leave it on at least 10 minutes.  Remove with a wet cloth and pat dry.
Now for the feet, heat two gallons of water, two cups dried marjoram, ½ cup Epsom salts and ½ cup baking soda in pot.  When it is hot, pour the mixture into a basin and lower your feet into the warm soothing water and relax for fifteen minutes.  After you dry your feet, use a pumice stone to firmly rub away calluses on your toes and heels.  Now would be a good time to give yourself a pedicure.
Keep a few marbles on hand for tired feet.  Place them on the floor and firmly roll your foot over the marbles for at least five minutes for a thorough foot massage.
At bath stores you can find neck pillows filled with rice and herbs.  These are great when mildly heated in a microwave and placed around you neck to ease stress and stiffness.  You can also try a peppermint compress.  Soak a washcloth in cold water, wring it out and fold it into a rectangle.  Sprinkle diluted peppermint oil on the washcloth and place it on the back of your neck.   Relax and enjoy.
Try heating medium smooth rocks in a bowl of hot water, remove and put a few drops of jojoba oil on the rocks then use them to massage aching muscles.  
These home treatments may not be for everyone.  If your skin is sensitive or under a doctors care, contact your doctor before using anything directly on your skin.  It is also advisable to conduct a patch test on your skin to test for allergies.
Now for the other kind of SPA.  Choose from one of the following:  Health spa, day spa, full service spa, sports spa, outdoor spa. They offer an overwhelming variety of therapies and they will leave you feeling indulged and invigorated beyond belief.
This time of the year many of the spas have specials that make them more affordable.  A gift certificate makes a wonderful present.
Now-a-days there seems to be a day spa on every corner.  It is fashionable to have a standing appointment with your favorite masseuse.  They specialize in everything from effortless facials to body elixirs.  Occasionally you find a spa that offers cosmetic treatments or intimate treatment for couples.  Most include locker rooms, Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, fitness center and an assortment of trendy food and gourmet coffee and teas.
Some are open seven days a week and offer convenient hours to accommodate their cliental.  The ambiance, which includes a palette of soothing and harmonious colors, fine art and soft, relaxing music, orchestrate a zen-like  atmosphere.
When choosing a day spa, visit the potential spa first.  Inspect the facility and get a description of the treatments offered.  You might want to talk to the masseuse performing the therapy you are interested in.  If you are comfortable with the establishment, book an appointment. You can also look for locations that offer fitness programs that include aquatone (joint friendly exercising) to advanced hiking.  
Follow these tips for making your spa experience the highlight of the season.
When making your spa reservation, communicate your needs and wishes.  Inform them of any recent surgeries, allergies, physical ailment, medical concerns or pregnancy.  Treatments involving deep pressure or heat should be avoided if you are pregnant.  If you do have any of these concerns it would also be wise to contact your doctor beforehand to assure that a trip to the spa would not be unhealthy for you.  
Arrive at least 20 minutes early.  You may have to change into a robe and store your things in a locker.  Take a shower before your treatment, another good reason to arrive early.  Many spas provide showers, if not, take one at home before you leave for the spa.  The clock starts ticking at your scheduled check-in time.  The length of your treatment is determined by how prompt you are because it will end as scheduled so as to allow the next person their programmed time.
When your treatment is completed, take advantage of additional services many of the spas offer at no additional cost, such as the sauna, steam room or pool.  
Find out if the gratuity is included in the fee for the treatment.  It is customary to tip you therapist.  Inquire as to how you should dress; gym attire or loose clothing may be required for some of the treatments.  You may want to bring a bathing suit to enjoy the pool or other water facilities.  Ask if sandals or tennis shoes should be worn.
If babysitting is a problem for you, check to see if they allow minors at the spa.  Know their cancellation policy and if spa packages are transferable.  Important to know in case you have to make a last minute change in plans. 
Now take the plunge and pamper yourself – you deserve it!