Newly Diagnosed - Importance of Acceptance

The answer you were looking for may not be what you hoped for.

Does that sound about right? Yes, you haven't been feeling well for quite awhile. In fact, you probably have a hard time remembering when the last time was that you actually did feel good.

But now you know - you've been diagnosed with lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus). It has a big name and sounds scary.

Your doctor explained the disease to you but suddenly his words are all a blur. Remembering all the details, instructions and prescriptions has left you reeling and to make matters worse, there's no cure. Afterward, as you stand on the sidewalk in front of the doctor's office, all you can vaguely remember is that the sun is bad for you but you have no memory of why.

Your new diagnosis and everything that relates to it can be overwhelming. Your family is anxiously awaiting to help and understand, but how can you explain lupus to them when you barely know the answers yourself.

Lupus International is a resource for you and your loved ones to learn about your illness, how to manage your treatment, keep track of your progress, cope with the complexities, but mostly importantly, live well.

Here you will find out about the latest research, what scientists are saying and how that impacts your health; learn why the recommendations are important and really listen to your body; what to do when new symptoms pop up and how to live the fullest life you can.

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