Here in the United States and around the entire world, inquisitive scientists are conducting research to discover what causes lupus. Literally hundreds of research projects are in progress. The tricky part is that each medical research project takes years to be accomplished, and doesn’t necessarily result in a great finding, or a new treatment. (Thomas Edison worked on at least three thousand different theories to develop an efficient light bulb. Two thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine didn’t work so well. One did.)

To date, most of the treatments provided to lupus patients were not specifically developed to treat lupus, but have been borrowed as temporary solutions from other illnesses. Recently Benlysta® was introduced by GlaxoSmithKline and Human Genome Sciences, the first new drug treatment for lupus in fifty years. Lupus International supported b-cell studies that contributed to this drug coming to fruition, and celebrate a new developed-for-lupus drug. We hope for many more.

Lupus International has recently made contributions to research being conducted by Dr. Chaim Jacob, at the University of Southern California. His project concerns the t-cell connection as a missing link in understanding the causes of lupus.

Lupus International also contributes directly to pediatric fell owships at UCLA. Since there are less than 125 pediatric rheumatologists in the United States, we are especially gratified to support these gifted doctors.