Team Joyce

Edie Leon Gonzales feeling proud

My Story:I remember my sis Joyce Lynn emailing & texting me & asking if i would go support her in this Lupus Walk and to tell you the truth my lazy butt did not want to get up and go especially at 7am. 
Then one day I went to one of her doctor appts and noticed she was struggling to walk but she pushed thru it and was a brave one and would pull out a lil book with all her meds listed and her and the doc exchanged what meds worked and which did not anymore. I was wowed and realized how blessed i was being healthy. Shame on me making any excuse not to go and support her.

So that year in 2007 I joined the event and with my Cuzin Jacky walked with Joyce and felt the love & support and how happy she looked becuz i got my butt up to go and walk with her we laughed and boy did we talk but she still struggled and completed the race.

In 2008 my kiddos & their friends walked with us. We walked had breakfast and even donated $$ for haircuts to donate to Lupus. This was my last year walking with Joyce in something she loved to support. 
January 31st 2009 Lupus took over Joyce's body in a course of 2 1/2 months she was in 3 different hospitals and lil by lil her body was taking more of a toll and the docs talked about experimental drugs. I in the last 2 months gave her the gift of music she would text me a list of artist that she wanted to listen to. It was her distraction from all the sounds at night at the hospital.
March 24, 2009 my 3 other sister's and my one brother along with my Dad prayed over Joyce as she went home with the Lord. This is the year Team Joyce Lynn was started by me to keep walking in her Honor 

As long as I can walk, crawl or roll in a wheelchair i will always keep my tradition of walking in Honor of my Lil Sis Joyce Lynn as the last 6 years i have kept it going. Sometimes i wanna give up but i keep remembering the last time she passed that finish line with my son Rob he held her hand up high as to say "You did it Nina" it's one of the best/last memories i will forever treasure.

Thank you for reading my story  
See ya all at the event remember NO EXCUSES !